About Us

We help our clients overcome obstacles as they translate their business strategy into the actions of their workforce.

Our Operating Principles

  • There is no effective off-the-shelf solution. 
    Analytics is not a data warehouse or a set of analytical software. It is a discovery process that sheds light on the factors that challenge a company’s success and the actions they should take to overcome those challenges.
  • We know you don’t have time to waste.
    Our analytical approach insists on the quick capture and analysis of best available data and the translation of results into concepts that are meaningful and actionable for your immediate problem.
  • An immediate business challenge requires a speedy response—and it must be anchored in real numbers.
    We understand your sense of urgency, but we want to help you avoid simply reacting to your problem. Through the analytic process we help you uncover the underlying issues and relationships that are impeding your success so that the solution is the right fit for the problem.
  • It’s not only about numbers.
    As analysts we must not only understand the data, methodology and your business, but also your people and your organizational culture. We make sure that we listen well.
  • Clarity leads stakeholders toward shared understanding of the competitive challenges they are facing.
    Our analytical discovery methods focus stakeholders on the real issues and promote cross-functional understanding of issues and building consensus to act. As our clients often remark, “An analytic approach lowers the noise and allows for thoughtful, deliberate discussion.”
  • Analysis must point to fact-based solutions and support a clear plan for implementing and monitoring those solutions.
    Solving the problem requires that the organization is able to act on the knowledge that the analytical process produces. While analytical methods are often complex, we know that the results must be easily understood by those who are affected by them and by those required to act on them. We present results to stakeholders in terms that are meaningful to them and actionable.

Why We Do It

We love the work we do. We believe strongly that analysis must point corporate leaders and line managers to meaningful metrics and actionable insights or it is wasted effort.  We partner with our clients to understand their challenges and constraints and design customized solutions to fit their experience and circumstances.  Working side by side with our clients enables us to create implementation road maps that ensure a successful change process and provide tangible benefits to the bottom line.

While the methods we use are grounded in proven social science and business management frameworks, we understand that the problems our clients face are unique.  We are not interested in implementing cookie cutter solutions that any newly minted MBA can carry out by following a set of templates. Our team is made up of professionals who have encountered and solved a broad range of business problems and who use their experience to challenge conventional thinking.