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Faced with ever-changing competitive landscapes and increasing cost pressure, organizations often make strategic decisions without fully understanding the impact to their workforce. Making these decisions without considering financial, marketing or supply chain data would be considered foolish. We believe that implementing pivotal decisions without carefully modeling the dynamics between strategic demands and workforce impact can significantly increase the risk of failure to reach the company’s crucial goals. Applying our proven approach and expertise to the four pillars of Workplace Analytics can take much of the guesswork out of the cost/benefit ratio of key business decisions.

Using our analytics approach for aligning business strategy and workforce performance provides organizations with two important benefits. First, it builds a solid foundation for decision making, ensuring that the organization has an evidence-based platform on which to make trade-offs among alternatives. But, equally important, it can serve as a catalyst for action. By providing leaders with the ability to describe their competitive challenges and the insights to overcome these challenges, analytics produces a call for action and a road map for change.

How companies get started in workplace analytics

Workplace Analytics is most successful when applied to an immediate and pressing business problem whose solution is essential to competitive success. Analytical efforts often start small. Typically, a specific business unit faces a critical workforce issue that threatens its ability to accomplish its goals. The initial analytical process usually provides substantial rewards to the bottom line, frequently in the millions of dollars, and provides a new infrastructure that makes the next challenge easier to solve at less risk and cost.

Having experienced substantial payoff from the initial use of workforce analytics to solve a pivotal problem, companies sometimes take the opportunity to build on the initial process by institutionalizing the analytical approach. It then becomes the standard procedure for understanding human capital issues and these new analytical capabilities within the organization become as valuable as the initial savings.