Innovation & Insight

Identify and Deploy Innovative Practices

Systematically detecting and distributing  innovation in your workforce is key to improving performance.

Identifying, validating and disseminating your company’s internal best practices is a prerequisite for developing a creative, growth-oriented company. Often innovation in organization design and processes is seen as coming from the top, driven by technology, and constituting a major effort based on the strategic vision of a gifted leader.  But every day, individuals, teams of workers, and business units that deal directly with customers and production deadlines are finding more efficient and effective ways of delivering those products and serving customers’ needs. This direct interface with the environment can be a great source of innovation.

Companies may discover that some teams are not meeting expectations while others are doing very well, creating unexplained disparities in performance across different organizations and locations. Despite ostensibly the same management structure, work processes, technology, and capabilities, successful work groups have often developed innovative practices that provide them with a competitive edge.

Our analytics can help you identify transferable innovation operating under your own corporate roof

  • Analytics can determine the various ways work groups have adapted their structures and activities to fulfill their mission.
  • Analytics can link those adaptations to the performance of specific groups.
  • Analytics can validate whether the success was the result of truly innovative practices or the serendipitous result of external factors such as markets, location, or environment.
  • By depicting how these innovations would work across different environments and conditions analytics can assess whether the innovation could be successfully applied to other teams or business units across the company.
  • Analytics will allow you to construct a model that appears to generalize across different constraints and environments.
  • By testing the innovation in a sample set of markets, environments and geographic characteristics we can determine whether the expected impact can be achieved across the organization.

Using our quantitative and qualitative diagnostic tools we identify the distinctive configuration of strengths that support successful work groups in contrast to those who are under-performing.   Workplace analysis provides a disciplined way of testing the validity of the resulting model of success before investing in a large scale roll out.