Our Approach

Learn about our unique philosophy and approach and how it can transform your business.

Analytics is the connective tissue between vision and action.

We believe that our four central pillars of Workplace Analytics combined with our unique consultative philosophy and approach can help companies drive superior performance.

Within each of these four pillars, we apply our proven methodologies and provide distinctive expertise to help revitalize your organization.

Organizational Analysis and Work Design:

We have worked for more than 30 years to help our clients build effective organizations and define job roles and required capabilities to align the organization and workforce to achieve the goals of the company.

Our professionals have solid backgrounds in Industrial and Organizational Psychology and statistical analysis enabling them to apply a variety of analytic methods:

  • Activity surveys to understand what your workforce is actually focused on and where they are spending their time
  • Cluster analysis to define more efficient and coherent job roles
  • Factor analysis to define the capability framework required by those well defined job roles
  • Regression analysis to build reward systems that support performance and facilitate the functioning of the internal labor market.

Talent Supply Chain:

Determining how to provide workers with the right capabilities at the right time and cost requires a diverse set of analytical skills.

Our consultants have extensive experience in:

  • Scenario planning to project the potential demand
  • Stochastic models to examine the match between demand and supply of labor in-house
  • Optimization techniques to determine the most effective actions to resolve the surplus or shortfall of essential workers
  • Defining processes to allocate and deploy those workers where and when they are needed
  • Monitoring and maintaining the inventory of critical workers

Understanding and supporting employee engagement:

Understanding how your workers are connected and committed to the company’s goals requires understanding  workers’ motivations, the reality of their daily lives, and the actions and attitudes of their supervisors. This often requires combining data that detail the dynamics of the performance management system and the reward system with survey research on employee attitudes and behaviors, including their experience of the management culture.

Our consultants are skilled at:

  • Capturing and combining operational, sales, finance, and human resource data to measure what characteristics of teams, units, or divisions are associated with profitability, productivity and quality
  • Custom tailoring survey instruments  understand the underlying causes of  engagement and disengagement
  • Modeling the factors and the actions required to improve engagement and obtain better performance

Innovation and change: 

Your workforce is constantly reacting to change.  Detecting true innovation and testing its replicability requires a disciplined approach.

Our consultants are skilled at:

  • Statistical analysis to  identify individuals, teams, or groups where innovation has resulted in noticeable  performance peaks
  • Collecting and analyzing data to model the organizational dynamic and the actions, skills, and attitudes that constitute the innovative approach to accomplishing the work
  • Statistical modeling to determine whether the innovative configuration is likely to be transferable  to other groups
  • Experimental design to measure the actual costs, benefits, and sustainability of the proposed innovation with target groups before attempting to disseminate the change more broadly