Data Warehouse & Decision Support Systems

An HCM&P review of your current data warehouse and decision support systems

Many companies purchase a data warehouse system that they use to produce suites of reports, dashboards, and scorecards to guide and support their workforces and the human resource processes that support them.  Our tactical review will evaluate the effectiveness of your technology platform and what can be done to improve it.  We take a market driven approach to assessing the effectiveness of these efforts by starting with the needs of end user communities.  Our focus is on five critical areas required for getting the most value from these systems.

1. How do user communities assess the market value of the information being presented to them?

  • What specific information are the executives, managers, workers and analysts using and obtaining value from?
  • What information are they missing?How satisfied are end users with the interface and navigation features?
  • What could be improved with respect to accuracy, completeness or timeliness of information?
  • What additional services and support would help the users better understand and use the information?

2. Is the delivery of the information effectively embedded where and when it is needed by end users

  • Reports
  • Alerts
  • Scorecards
  • Decision support tools

3. How efficient are the technology and processes that reach from data source to end users?

  • Is the meaning of the information and how it is derived provided to the users in a form they can easily access and understand?
  • Do end users have access to all necessary data across functional boundaries? What is the quality of the data sources from which the data is currently drawn?
  • What information could be tapped to fulfill the unmet needs of the users? How reliable and accessible is that additional data?
  • Are processes set up to test, validate, and clean the data at its source in a timely fashion?
  • Are the processes and technology to extract, integrate, transform and load the information efficient enough to meet the required performance all along the information supply chain?

4. Are the data stores and processes well designed to support all necessary activities and performance related to analytics efforts?

  • Staging work areas
  • Data warehouses
  • Data marts
  • Meta data translation
  • Other master data services
  • Security

5. Do your in-house analysts have access to granular data to support their research efforts?

  • Business modeling and data mining
  • Simulations and scenario planning

Our deliverable for your technical review:

At the end of our comprehensive review, we present a report summarizing the strengths and weaknesses we have identified in each of the five areas of inquiry described above. We also provide a set of specific recommendations for immediate and long range steps to improve your return on investment in workforce analytics.